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Baby Girl Skull And Crossbones Embroidered Biker Patch

ladies day of the dead skull patch

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Good Tuesday morning everyone, how are all of you doing on this gorgeous day? I am doing well enjoying a cup of coffee and looking at the refreshing weather we are somewhat having. Its mid day for me and I been looking around the office here and came across a lovely new patch! This patch is definitely different and are for the ladies. It is a really cool new skull and crossbones patch that definitely has an unique look! This patch is an edgy one with that feminine and elegant style.

Do you like collecting skulls? Or love anything from the Day of the Dead? Then this patch might be what you want to add to your biker wardrobe. All the ladies out there would enjoy this type of  patch to their collection simply because it will look stylish and look stunning on just about anything. I personally love the fact that this reminds me of Harley Quinn and her bad ass style and charisma.

This patch has a skull-like face and also crossbones behind her that matches in the same color as her hair, which to me, gives this patch edgy characteristics. This patch has very bright blue and pink colors and has lots of extra details. The Day of the Dead skull has a nicely hand painted look to her face from the heart on her cheek to the skeleton like smile it is almost similar to something you would find as a tattoo design. 

This genuine patch comes in two different sizes. The large patch is 8.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches high. This authentic Day of the Dead patch will look stunning on the back of any ladies biker jacket, or vest that you may have. You will also notice that this patch is a good size that will take up the back of any of these garments mentioned.

I definitely wouldn’t mind  showing off a patch this well put together and this unique around town, it is guaranteed to have everyone else interested in it too! The smaller patch we have measures 4.75 inches wide by 4.75 inches high. I personally think that this one would look great on the front of any biker shirt, jacket or vest to maybe even putting it on a hat, biker bag, tote or any other miscellaneous item you want!

Quality Biker Patches are top notch quality and all of the patches we have contain a very heavy, durable backing that is guaranteed to last you through just about any crazy conditions. So if you are interested in this edgy patch that I shown you today, please go ahead and check this it out! You will be very happy you did and that you choose the best for you! Click on the link and order yours today! Happy Shopping!

ladies day of the dead patch

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