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Subdued Grey American Flag Skull Embroidered Patch

grey subdued flag skull

Click here to see the latest subdued grey flag skull today! 

Good afternoon everyone when is the last time you ran into a really unique American flag skull patch??? Well the patch above is one of the popular ones we have here at Quality Biker Patches which is pretty similar to the skull with the thin blue line but this one is pure subdued grey.

This patch features a cool looking skull with the American Flag in a subdued grey color with the stars and stripes across the face. With this patch you will be able to definitely show off your American pride at any biker event or just out on the town! Continue reading Subdued Grey American Flag Skull Embroidered Patch

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The Latest T-shirt Designs!!!

mens mallard duck t-shirt design

Click here to see the latest men’s mallard duck t-shirt today!!

Good morning everyone I haven’t wrote on here in a bit but I wanted to showcase some new t-shirt designs that we have in men’s for you all today. As you can see above this mallard duck design is on the back of a men’s black brand name t-shirt. This is a lovely design and is very detailed in black and white colors. You can however get this design on the front of the shirt as well. As you will see many of the designs here or either on the front or back. Continue reading The Latest T-shirt Designs!!!

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Newest Christian Crusader Biker Patches!!!

blue and white christian crusader biker patch

Click here to see the latest blue and white Christian Crusader patch today!! 

Good morning everyone, how is everyone this fine Tuesday morning? I am doing well just waking up and having a nice hot cup of coffee. I wanted to go through some new things around here at the office as well. As you all know Daytona Beach Bike Week 2018 wrapped up over the weekend and just wanted briefly mention that.

Hope everyone enjoyed and was able to get out and see the sights and sounds of this year’s Bike Week 2018. Overall it was a success for us and we had a blast, we did end up going a second time this past Friday and it was super busy but was again a lot to see and do. Also, just want to remind you that if you haven’t bought a Bike Week shirt we still have them so be sure to check them out and get yours here! Continue reading Newest Christian Crusader Biker Patches!!!

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Daytona Beach 2018 Bike Week Picture Gallery

Daytona beach bike week 2018


Good Monday morning everyone, its Biker Babe just checking in to see how everyone’s weekend went. Hopefully you all had a good one, and maybe some of you were able to make it out to the opening of Daytona Beach Bike Week 2018 this weekend. If so, I hope everyone had a blast and enjoyed all of their Bike Week festivities from the Speedway to Main Street it is always a lot of fun and always something new to see.

We enjoyed all of the events and did some business per usual, as we ended up going up to Daytona this past Friday. Unfortunately, it was yet another chilly one at only 57 degrees this year, slightly warmer than last but we still made the most of it. Continue reading Daytona Beach 2018 Bike Week Picture Gallery

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The Newest Animal Patches!!!

orange baron tiger biker patch  Click here to see the newest orange baron tiger biker patch today !!! 

Good morning everyone, hope that everyone is enjoying the lovely middle of the work week. I know I am, even though it is still early I am looking forward to my personal day off tomorrow and Friday. Friday, we will be attending Daytona Beach Bike Week and it is going to be my second year in a row going, so I have lots to look forward to this week. Before I get to all that though there are still a lot of things taking place here at the office from new patches to Bike Week merchandise and so much more so don’t forget to be placing those orders as soon as possible!!!

Today, however I have some really cool new animal patches I would like to display for you. If you are a lover of animals, or animals that are in the wild these may interest you. Or are you simply a lover of the great outdoors and nature then something like this fierce tiger above may be a good fit and these types of animal patches may be right for you! This particular tiger is quite different and has a piercing look to him, with lots of details throughout. Continue reading The Newest Animal Patches!!!