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Welcome to Quality Biker Patches! We have hard to find, unique men’s and ladies embroidered biker patches of all kinds, designed in the USA and can be ironed or sewn on. See how to iron on patches here.

We carry a large selection of lady rider biker patches, military, patriotic, firefighter, police, eagles, pirates, skulls, Native American Indian, rocker patches, large back patches and classic biker patches. Plus biker shirts and more.

Shipping is always FREE inside the USA, plus we ship worldwide, often the same day. So check out the categories and shop the best quality biker patches and more around, always designed in the USA!

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  • Billiards Skull With Top Hat Embroidered Biker Patch (4/20/2018) - Good morning everyone, how is everyone doing this fine Friday ? Hope all is well, I am sitting here enjoying the morning with some music in the office looking around at all of our newer products. It is nice to see the newer stuff come in as the year goes on. [...]
  • Subdued Grey American Flag Skull Embroidered Patch (4/10/2018) - Good afternoon everyone when is the last time you ran into a really unique American flag skull patch??? Well the patch above is one of the popular ones we have here at Quality Biker Patches which is pretty similar to the skull with the thin blue line but this one is pure subdued grey.[...]
  • The Latest T-shirt Designs!!! (3/28/2018) - Good morning everyone I haven't wrote on here in a bit but I wanted to showcase some new t-shirt designs that we have in men's for you all today. As you can see above this mallard duck design is on the back of a men's black brand name t-shirt. [...]
  • Newest Christian Crusader Biker Patches!!! (3/20/2018) - Good morning everyone, how is everyone this fine Tuesday morning? I am doing well just waking up and having a nice hot cup of coffee. I wanted to go through some new things around here at the office as well. [...]

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