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Patriotic some gave all biker patchWelcome to Quality Biker Patches! In here are hard to find, unique men’s and ladies embroidered biker patches of all kinds. All are designed in the USA and can be ironed or sewn on. See how to iron on patches here.

These biker patches are top quality with the finest threads used in many outstanding colors. We carry a large selection of lady rider biker patches, many that are hard to find. Plus great military, patriotic, firefighter, eagles, pirates, skulls and classic biker patches.

We have a great selection of large back patches for jackets and vest. Plus biker sayings, naughty and sexy sayings, biker life patches and more. Shipping is always FREE inside the USA, plus we also ship worldwide. We often ship the same day or within 24 hours including on Saturday. So check out the biker patch categories above and shop the best quality biker patches around, always designed in the USA!

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We add new patches almost every week! Large patches, ladies patches, funny patches, patriotic, rocker patches and more. Keep an eye here for brand new biker patches with new designs you’ll love!

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  • See No Evil Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil Skull Mummy Patch (6/23/2017) - Hello everyone happy hump day almost getting to the end of the week. I am getting more and more anxious for this upcoming week vacation so I am writing tons of new post for you all in an advance to keep you entertained will I am gone. I hope all of my viewers enjoy and see something you all like. So I would love to bring another great stunning patch to your attention. [...]
  • Patriotic Subdued Grey American Western Sheriff Patch (6/20/2017) - Hey everyone it is not always that I get an incredible new biker patch that you hardly see to signify western hospitality, but today I have one I want to showcase for you, as you can see above it is a Patriotic Western Sheriff that don't tolerate much!!! This design is very classic and has a lot of characteristics to him!!! [...]
  • Patriotic American Flag Skull Embroidered Biker Patch (6/19/2017) - When is the last time you have seen a really cool, unique patriotic biker patch??? This patch shown here is one of our latest ones that we are displaying on our website. It features a really interesting bad-ass skull with the American Flag stars and stripes design across his face. [...]
  • Skull and Spade with Flames Lucky 7 Biker Patch (6/16/2017) - Good afternoon everyone!! How is everyone's Tuesday going ?? Mine is going exceptionally well for the most part, I got a few more days til my vacation!!! Definitely excited for, but for the meantime I am working away and getting more stuff done before this upcoming weeks activities!!! [...]

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